Stator Coil 650 SJ650 WR650 700 SJ700 WRB700 YAMAHA WAVE RUNNER

Stator Coil 650 SJ650 WR650 700 SJ700 WRB700 YAMAHA WAVE RUNNER

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YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)FX700 FX11994701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)FX700 FX11995701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SJ650 Super Jet1990650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SJ650 Super Jet1991650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SJ650 Super Jet1992650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SJ650 Super Jet1993650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SJ700 Super Jet1994701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)SJ700 Super Jet1995701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WB700 Wave Blaster1993701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WB700 Wave Blaster1994701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WB700 Wave Blaster1995701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WR650 WaveRunner LX1990650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WR650 WaveRunner LX1991650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WR650 WaveRunner LX1992650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WR650 WaveRunner LX1993650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WR650 WaveRunner LX1994650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA650 WaveRunner III 6501990650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA650 WaveRunner III 6501991650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA650 WaveRunner III 6501992650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA650 WaveRunner III 6501993650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA650 WaveRunner III 6501994650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA650 WaveRunner III 6501995650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA700 WaveRunner III GP1994701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRA700 WaveRunner III GP1995701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB650 WaveRunner VXR1991650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB650 WaveRunner VXR1992650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB650 WaveRunner VXR1993650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB650 WaveRunner VXR1994650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB650 WaveRunner VXR1995650cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB700 WaveRunner Pro VXR1993701cc
YAMAHAPersonal Watercraft (PWC)WRB700 WaveRunner Pro VXR1994701cc

Unit TypePart
BriefYamaha PWC:
FX700 FX1 1994-95
SJ650 Super Jet 1990-93
SJ700 Super Jet 1994-95
WB700 Wave Blaster 1993-95
WR650 Wave Runner LX 1990-94
WRA650 Wave Runner III 1990-95
WRA700 Wave Runner III GP 1994-95
WRB650 Wave Runner VXR 1991-95
WRB700 Wave Runner Pro VXR 1993-94

Please verify this is the right part number you need before ordering.
We are electrical specialists; if you have questions, please call us,
or email for fast friendly service!

Replaces these part numbers:
YAMAHA6M6-85560-00-00, 6R7-85560-00-00, 6R8-85560-00-00

Covered By Our One Year Warranty!

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