Alternator For Kubota L2550DTGST 1985-1987, L2550GST 1986-1990; AND0207 New

Alternator For Kubota L2550DTGST 1985-1987, L2550GST 1986-1990; AND0207 New

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Product Description

Total Parts Canada Alternators
Total Parts Canada offers one of the most extensive selection of alternators available. We’re Canada’s preferred source for alternators for cars, trucks, SUVs, tractors, boats, scooters, ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Our precision-built alternators efficiently generate electrical energy to charge your vehicle’s battery and power the electrical system to keep accessories such as lights and radios working flawlessly. You can have your vehicle up and running quickly because we can deliver the alternator of your choice to any doorstep in Canada in just days.

Mechanics and do-it-yourselfers choose Total Parts Canada alternators because … …

  • Quality that Matches the Original – Our aftermarket alternators perform as well or better than the one you’re replacing.
  • Perfect Fit for Easy Installation – Take the old one out and put the new one in. Installation is easy because the fitment matches the original alternator you’re replacing.
  • Tested by Engineers Most alternators are supplied with their final test results and performance curve. You can rest assured that the alternator you receive is a proven performer.

3 reasons to rely on Total Parts Canada for your next alternator:

  1. Built to Take the Heat – Most Total Parts Canada alternators offer high-temperature epoxy, heavy-duty rectifiers, high-quality regulators, top-quality bearings and high-temperature grease for better charging and longer life under high-heat environments.
  2. Depth of Inventory – Find both common and hard-to-find alternators for virtually any type of vehicle to travel over road, trail or water.
  3. Brand New Alternator – All new alternators for reliable performance. Many places will try to sell you a used alternator for about the price we’ll sell you a new one.

Total Parts Canada Advantage – Convenient Home or Business Delivery
Whether you live in a big city or remote rural region in Canada, you can enjoy the convenience of getting your alternator shipped directly to your doorstep. There’s no need to travel to get the alternator you need. Simply order online and have it brought to your address.

Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
Total Parts Canada protects you with our total-confidence 1-year warranty. We have such a rock-solid warranty because we know your alternator is going to meet your total satisfaction.

100% Brand NEW Aftermarket Part From Total Parts Canada

KUBOTAExcavatorKH170L85-OnS2600 48HP Dsl
KUBOTAExcavatorKH2884-OnS2600 48HP Dsl
KUBOTAMisc. EquipmentS2800 Engine83-OnAll
KUBOTAMisc. EquipmentZ751-AW Engine80-OnAll
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250DT1985Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250DT1986Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250DT1987Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250DT1988Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250DT1989Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250DT1990Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250F1985Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250F1986Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250F1987Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250F1988Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250F1989Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2250F1990Kubota D1302DI 26.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DT1985Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DT1986Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DT1987Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DT1988Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DT1989Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DT1990Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DTGST1985Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DTGST1986Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550DTGST1987Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550F1985Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550F1986Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550F1987Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550F1988Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550F1989Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550F1990Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550GST1986Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550GST1987Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550GST1988Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550GST1989Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTACompact TractorL2550GST1990Kubota D1402DIA 29.5HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1983Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1984Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1985Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1986Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1987Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1988Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1989Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1990Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1991Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1992Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DT1993Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DTC1983Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DTC1984Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
KUBOTATractor - UtilityM4950DTC1985Kubota S2800A 55HP Dsl
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731989Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731990Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731991Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731992Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731993Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731994Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731995Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731996Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731997Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731998Kubota V1902B Diesel
THOMAS EQUIPMENTSkid SteersT1731999Kubota V1902B Diesel

Unit TypeAlternator
Part TypeUNIT
Pulley ClassV1
Fan TypeEF
1-V PULLEY 15mm ID

Please verify this is the right part number you need before ordering.
We are electrical specialists; if you have questions, please call us,
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Replaces these part numbers:
ARROWHEAD (OEM)ND021000-8660, ND121000-0600, ND9702109-866
DENSO021000-8660, 121000-0600
DENSO REMAN9702109-866
J & N400-52231
KUBOTA15253-64010, 15253-64011, 15253-64012, 15621-64010, 15621-64011

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