Motobatt MBTX20U (HD) 21Ah Battery

Motobatt MBTX20U (HD) 21Ah Battery

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Product Description

Dependable Motobatt Batteries
Batteries are one of those things that you don’t want to compromise on. Doing so could result in premature failure and leave you stranded at the most unfortunate time. That’s why Total Parts Canada offers industry-leading Motobatt batteries. While no battery will last forever, Motobatt has earned its reputation for reliability and a long service life. That’s why it comes so highly recommended by mechanics and service dealers.

Benefits of Absorbed Glass Mat Technology
Motobatt batteries feature Absorbed Glass Mat Technology. Initially designed for military purposes, Absorbed Glass Mat Technology, also referred to as AGM, offers a long service life and high currents on demand to keep vehicles working with precision and agility. AGM keeps batteries lighter weight than old-fashioned flooded style batteries, which means a lighter load for motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility vehicles (UTVs), personal watercraft (PWC) and snowmobiles.

Advantages of the Quad Flex Terminal Design
Motobatt has patented an innovative terminal design called Quad Flex, which improves starting by providing for a stronger inrush of current thanks to a shorter current path to the battery.

Convenient and Maintenance-Free Batteries
Once installed, you don’t have to worry about acid leaks or spills because Motobatt batteries come sealed from the factory. You never have to fill or top-off a Motobatt battery. This maintenance-free design is ideal for people who place a value on convenience.

Batteries Built to Excel
Motobatt batteries excel in important ways:

  • Withstands high vibration environments
  • Handle high starting loads
  • Powers accessories common to modern vehicles
  • Shows no adverse effects from stop-and-go operation

Motobatt batteries deliver dependability on the roads, trails and waterways and then back home again.

100% Brand NEW Aftermarket Part From Total Parts Canada

Harley-Davidson1000 XLX-61, XR1000100083-85
Harley-DavidsonCVO FLST(Softail)1803 (110)07-14
Harley-DavidsonCVO FXD (Dyna)1803 (110)07-10
Harley-DavidsonFL, FLH Series (Touring)1340 (80)80-96
Harley-DavidsonFLS (Softail)1690 (103)11-14
Harley-DavidsonFLST Series (Softail)1340 (80)91-96
Harley-DavidsonFLST Series (Softail)1340 (80)97-99
Harley-DavidsonFX Series (Electric Start)120071-78
Harley-DavidsonFX/FXR Series1340 (80)79-94
Harley-DavidsonFXD (Dyna)1690 (103)11-14
Harley-DavidsonFXD Series (Dyna)1450 (88)99-06
Harley-DavidsonFXD Series (Dyna)1584 (96)07-14
Harley-DavidsonFXD/FXST Series (Dyna)1340 (80)91-96
Harley-DavidsonFXD/FXST Series (Dyna)1340 (80)97-99
Harley-DavidsonFXR Series1340 (80)99-00
Harley-DavidsonFXST, FLST Series (Softail)1450 (88)00-06
Harley-DavidsonFXST,FLST Series (Softail)1584 (96)07-12
Harley-DavidsonFXST/FLST Series (Softail)1340 (80)84-90
Harley-DavidsonVRSC V-Rod125008-13
Harley-DavidsonXL Series (Sportster)100079-85
Harley-DavidsonXL Series (Sportster)110087-93
Harley-DavidsonXL, XLH (Sportster)120087-96
Harley-DavidsonXL, XLH (Sportster)120097-03
Harley-DavidsonXL, XLH (Sportster)88397-03
Harley-DavidsonXLCR Cafe Racer100077-78
Harley-DavidsonXLH (Sportster)88386-96

12N16-3AMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
12N16-3BMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
12N16-4AMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
12N16-4BMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
CTX19-BSMBTX20U (HD)21175100155
CTX19L-BSMBTX20U (HD)21175100155
GT16-BSMBTX20U (HD)21175100155
GT16L-BSMBTX20U (HD)21175100155
GYZ20HLMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
GYZ20LMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
SYB16L-BMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16AMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16A2MBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16-BMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16-B2MBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16-B-CXMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16C-BMBTX20U (HD)2117587175with 20mm spacer
YB16CL-BMBTX20U (HD)2117587175with 20mm spacer
YB16HL-A-CXMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16L-AMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16L-A2MBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16L-BMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YB16LB2MBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YTX20-BSMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YTX20H-BSMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YTX20HL-BSMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YTX20HL-BS-PWMBTX20U (HD)2117587155
YTX20L-BSMBTX20U (HD)2117587155

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12N16-3A, 12N16-3B, 12N16-4A, 12N16-4B, CTX19-BS, CTX19L-BS, GT16-BS, GT16L-BS, YB16A, YB16A2, YB16L-A, YB16L-A2, YB16-B, YB16-B2, YB16LB2, SYB16L-B, YB16-B-CX, YB16C-B, YB16CL-B, YB16HL-A-CX, YB16L-B, YTX20-BS, YTX20H-BS, YTX20HL-BS, YTX20HL-BS-PW, YTX20L-BS, GYZ20L, GYZ20HL
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