New Starter for Kohler C12-5 Cub Cadet Toro 1209805 1209806 1209809 1209812 New

New Starter for Kohler C12-5 Cub Cadet Toro 1209805 1209806 1209809 1209812 New

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Product Description

Total Parts Canada Starters
Total Parts Canada is a preferred choice for buying a new starter for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, tractors, snow blowers and snowmobiles. Our starters are manufactured to deliver quick and efficient starts of engines. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. Then we value price our electrical parts so that we make a little but not as much as OEMs try to charge. You can have your vehicle up and running soon because we can deliver the starter you need directly to your doorstep in just days.

Here’s why so many mechanics choose Total Parts Canada starters …

  • OEM-Matching Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket starters deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Total Parts Canada aftermarket starters are designed to fit just like the original one that came in your vehicle or equipment. A perfect fit makes installation go easier.
  • Tested by Engineers – Engineers make sure that our starters meet high performance standards. We have to feel confident about these starters before selling them to you.

5 reasons to choose Total Parts Canada for your next starter:

  1. Fast engine starts – High quality magnets or field coils deliver more torque for fast and efficient engine starts.
  2. Seals out residue – Sealed housings and bearings keep the internal workings cleaner and drier.
  3. Premium materials – Copper and silver contacts instead of cheaper aluminum or steel ones.
  4. Long-term reliability – Quality brushes and bushings for a long service life and better efficiency.
  5. Brand new starter – Never settle for a secondhand refurbished one.

Total Parts Canada Advantage – Convenient Home or Business Delivery
Whether you live in a big city or remote rural region in Canada, you can enjoy the convenience of getting your new starter shipped directly to your doorstep. There’s no need to travel to get the starter you need. Simply order online and have it brought to your address.

Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
Total Parts Canada protects you with our total confidence 1-year warranty. We have a rock-solid warranty because we know your starter is going to meet your total satisfaction.

100% Brand NEW Aftermarket Part From Total Parts Canada

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Unit TypeStarter
Starter TypePMDD

Please verify this is the right part number you need before ordering.
We are electrical specialists; if you have questions, please call us,
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Replaces these part numbers:
CUB CADETKH-12-098-06, KH-12-098-21-S
J & N410-21042, 410-21083
KOHLER12-098-05, 12-098-06, 12-098-09, 12-098-12, 12-098-19, 12-098-19S, 12-098-21, 12-098-21-S
UNITED TECH5239740-M030SM, 5278440-M030SM, 5667040-M030SM, 6734640, SM52397, SM52784, SM56670

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