Starter For Ford 420 1975-1978, 455 1987, 1988, 455C 1989-1992; SLU0002 New

Starter For Ford 420 1975-1978, 455 1987, 1988, 455C 1989-1992; SLU0002 New

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Product Description

Total Parts Canada Starters
Total Parts Canada is a preferred choice for buying a new starter for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, tractors, snow blowers and snowmobiles. Our starters are manufactured to deliver quick and efficient starts of engines. We work directly with factories to ensure each component is manufactured to our exacting quality control standards. Then we value price our electrical parts so that we make a little but not as much as OEMs try to charge. You can have your vehicle up and running soon because we can deliver the starter you need directly to your doorstep in just days.

Here’s why so many mechanics choose Total Parts Canada starters …

  • OEM-Matching Quality Every Time – Our aftermarket starters deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Total Parts Canada aftermarket starters are designed to fit just like the original one that came in your vehicle or equipment. A perfect fit makes installation go easier.
  • Tested by Engineers – Engineers make sure that our starters meet high performance standards. We have to feel confident about these starters before selling them to you.

5 reasons to choose Total Parts Canada for your next starter:

  1. Fast engine starts – High quality magnets or field coils deliver more torque for fast and efficient engine starts.
  2. Seals out residue – Sealed housings and bearings keep the internal workings cleaner and drier.
  3. Premium materials – Copper and silver contacts instead of cheaper aluminum or steel ones.
  4. Long-term reliability – Quality brushes and bushings for a long service life and better efficiency.
  5. Brand new starter – Never settle for a secondhand refurbished one.

Total Parts Canada Advantage – Convenient Home or Business Delivery
Whether you live in a big city or remote rural region in Canada, you can enjoy the convenience of getting your new starter shipped directly to your doorstep. There’s no need to travel to get the starter you need. Simply order online and have it brought to your address.

Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
Total Parts Canada protects you with our total confidence 1-year warranty. We have a rock-solid warranty because we know your starter is going to meet your total satisfaction.

100% Brand NEW Aftermarket Part From Total Parts Canada

CASEDavid Brown141019744-219 Diesel
CASEDavid Brown141019754-219 Diesel
CASEDavid Brown141019764-219 Diesel
CASEDavid Brown141219744-219 Diesel
CASEDavid Brown141219754-219 Diesel
CASEDavid Brown141219764-219 Diesel
CASEBackhoe580F Construction KingAllEuropean Model (Opt.)
CASETractor139419834-219 Diesel
CASETractor139419844-219 Diesel
CASETractor139419854-219 Diesel
CASETractor139419864-219 Diesel
CASETractor139419874-219 Diesel
CASETractor139419884-219 Diesel
CASETractor141019764-219 Diesel
CASETractor141019774-219 Diesel
CASETractor141019784-219 Diesel
CASETractor141019794-219 Diesel
CASETractor141019804-219 Diesel
CASETractor149419834-219 Diesel
CASETractor149419844-219 Diesel
CASETractor149419854-219 Diesel
CASETractor149419864-219 Diesel
CASETractor149419874-219 Diesel
CASETractor149419884-219 Diesel
CASETractor159419836-329 Diesel
CASETractor159419846-329 Diesel
CASETractor159419856-329 Diesel
CASETractor159419866-329 Diesel
CASETractor159419876-329 Diesel
CASETractor159419886-329 Diesel
CASETractor169019806-329 Diesel
CASETractor169019816-329 Diesel
CASETractor169019826-329 Diesel
CASETractor169019836-329 Diesel
FORDBackhoe42019753-175 Diesel
FORDBackhoe42019763-175 Diesel
FORDBackhoe42019773-175 Diesel
FORDBackhoe42019783-175 Diesel
FORDBackhoe45519873cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe45519883cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe455C19893-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455C19903-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455C19913-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455C19923-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455D19923-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455D19933-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455D19943-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455D19953-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455D19963-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe455D19973-201 Diesel
FORDBackhoe55001967Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55001968Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55001969Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55001970Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55001971Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55001972Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55001973Diesel Engine
FORDBackhoe55519783cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe55519793cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe55519803cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe55519813cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe55519823cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe55519833cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe55519843cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555A19843cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555A19853cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555B19853cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555B19863cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555B19873cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555B19883cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe555C19894-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe555C19904-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe555C19914-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe65019754-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe65019764-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe65019774-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655A19854-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655A19864-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655A19874-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655A19884-256 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655C19894-268 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655C19904-268 Diesel
FORDBackhoe655C19914-268 Diesel
FORDBackhoe75019754cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75019764cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75019774cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75019784cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75019794cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75519794cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75519804cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75519814cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75519824cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75519834cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe75519844cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe755A19844cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe755A19854cyl Diesel
FORDBackhoe755A19864cyl Diesel
FORDCombines6201967Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201968Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201969Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201970Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201971Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201972Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201973Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6201974Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221967Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221968Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221969Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221970Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221971Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221972Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221973Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDCombines6221974Gas or Diesel Engine
FORDTractor20001965158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001966158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001967158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001968158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001969158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001970158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001971158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001972158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001973158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor20001974158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001965158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001966158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001967158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001968158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001969158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001970158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001971158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001972158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001973158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21001974158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101965158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101966158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101967158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101968158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101969158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101970158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101971158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101972158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101973158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21101974158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201965158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201966158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201967158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201968158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201969158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201970158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201971158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201972158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201973158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor21201974158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001965158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001966158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001967158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001968158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001969158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001970158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001971158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001972158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001973158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23001974158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101965158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101966158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101967158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101968158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101969158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101970158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101971158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101972158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101973158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101974158ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor23101982158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor23101983158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor26101981175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor26101982175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor26101983175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101984158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101985158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101986158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101987158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101988158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101989158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor28101990158ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101983175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101984175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101985175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101986175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101987175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101988175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101989175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor29101990175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001965175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001966175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001967175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001968175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001969175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001970175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001971175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001972175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001973175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001974175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor30001975175ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor310019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor310019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor311019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor312019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor319019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor330019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor331019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor333019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor340019753cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor350019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019653cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019663cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019673cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019683cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019693cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019703cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019713cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019723cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019733cyl Diesel
FORDTractor355019743cyl Diesel
FORDTractor361019813cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor361019823cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor361019833cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor39101983192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101984192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101985192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101986192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101987192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101988192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101989192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor39101990192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001965192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001965201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001966192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001966201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001967192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001967201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001968192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001968201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001969192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001969201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001970192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001970201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001971192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001971201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001972192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001972201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001973192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001973201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001974192ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor40001974201ci - 3cyl Dsl
FORDTractor410019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor410019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor41001975183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor41001976183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor41001977183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor41001978183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor41001979183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor41001980183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor41001981183ci - 3cyl Diesel
FORDTractor411019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019813cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019823cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019833cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019843cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019853cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019863cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019873cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019883cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019893cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor411019903cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor414019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor420019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor433019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor434019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor440019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor441019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor441019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor441019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor441019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor441019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor441019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019653cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019663cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019673cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019683cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019693cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019703cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019713cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019723cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019733cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor450019743cyl Gas or Diesel
FORDTractor46001975201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46001976201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46001977201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46001978201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46001979201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46001980201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46001981201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101981201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101982201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101983201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101984201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101985201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101986201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101987201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101988201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101989201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor46101990201ci - 3cyl Gas or Dsl
FORDTractor50001965233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001965256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001966233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001966256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001967233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001967256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001968233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001968256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001969233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001969256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001970233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001970256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001971233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001971256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001972233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001972256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001973233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001973256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001974233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001974256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001975233ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor50001975256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor51001965Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001966Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001967Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001968Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001969Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001970Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001971Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001972Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001973Diesel Engine
FORDTractor51001974Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001967Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001968Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001969Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001970Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001971Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001972Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001973Diesel Engine
FORDTractor52001974Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401968Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401969Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401970Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401971Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401972Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401973Diesel Engine
FORDTractor53401974Diesel Engine
FORDTractor56001975256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor56001976256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor56001977256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor56001978256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor56001979256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor56001980256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor56001981256ci - 4cyl Dsl
FORDTractor670019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor670019764-256 Diesel
FORDTractor670019774-256 Diesel
FORDTractor670019784-256 Diesel
FORDTractor670019794-256 Diesel
FORDTractor670019804-256 Diesel
FORDTractor670019814-256 Diesel
FORDTractor671019824-256 Diesel
FORDTractor671019834-256 Diesel
FORDTractor671019844-256 Diesel
FORDTractor671019854-256 Diesel
FORDTractor700019714-256 Diesel
FORDTractor700019724-256 Diesel
FORDTractor700019734-256 Diesel
FORDTractor700019744-256 Diesel
FORDTractor700019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor710019734-256 Diesel
FORDTractor710019744-256 Diesel
FORDTractor710019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor720019734-256 Diesel
FORDTractor720019744-256 Diesel
FORDTractor720019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor740019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor740019764-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019764-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019774-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019784-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019794-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019804-256 Diesel
FORDTractor760019814-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019754-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019764-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019774-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019784-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019794-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019804-256 Diesel
FORDTractor770019814-256 Diesel
FORDTractor771019824-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019834-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019844-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019854-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019864-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019874-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019884-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019894-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019904-268 Diesel
FORDTractor771019914-268 Diesel
FORDTractor781019786-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019806-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019816-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019826-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019836-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019846-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019856-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019866-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019876-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019886-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019896-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019906-401 Diesel
FORDTractor781019916-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019686-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019696-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019706-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019716-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019726-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019736-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019746-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019756-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019766-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019776-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019786-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019806-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019816-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019826-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019836-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019846-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019856-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019866-401 Diesel
FORDTractor800019876-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019786-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019806-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019816-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019826-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019836-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019846-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019856-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019866-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019876-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019886-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019896-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019906-401 Diesel
FORDTractor821019916-401 Diesel
FORDTractor853019906-401 Diesel
FORDTractor853019916-401 Diesel
FORDTractor853019926-401 Diesel
FORDTractor853019936-401 Diesel
FORDTractor860019726-401 Diesel
FORDTractor860019736-401 Diesel
FORDTractor860019746-401 Diesel
FORDTractor860019756-401 Diesel
FORDTractor860019766-401 Diesel
FORDTractor870019776-401 Diesel
FORDTractor870019786-401 Diesel
FORDTractor870019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractor873019906-401 Diesel
FORDTractor873019916-401 Diesel
FORDTractor873019926-401 Diesel
FORDTractor873019936-401 Diesel
FORDTractor883019906-401 Diesel
FORDTractor883019916-401 Diesel
FORDTractor883019926-401 Diesel
FORDTractor883019936-401 Diesel
FORDTractor900019706-401 Diesel
FORDTractor900019716-401 Diesel
FORDTractor900019726-401 Diesel
FORDTractor903019904-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019914-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019924-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019934-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019944-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019954-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019964-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019974-268 Diesel
FORDTractor903019984-268 Diesel
FORDTractor960019726-401 Diesel
FORDTractor960019736-401 Diesel
FORDTractor960019746-401 Diesel
FORDTractor960019756-401 Diesel
FORDTractor960019766-401 Diesel
FORDTractor970019776-401 Diesel
FORDTractor970019786-401 Diesel
FORDTractor970019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1019806-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1019816-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1019826-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1019836-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519836-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519846-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519856-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519866-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519876-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519886-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-1519896-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2019796-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2019806-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2019816-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2019826-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2019836-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2519796-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2519806-401 Diesel
FORDTractorTW-2519816-401 Diesel

Unit TypeStarter
DimensionReplacement Lucas M50 Unit:, Gear OD: 1.575in / 40mm, Mtg. Ear Holes: 10.6mm Unthreaded, Note: 5" Field Case, , Replacement MAHLE Unit:, (Virtually Identical to Lucas Above),
Starter TypeDD
BriefFord Tractors 3910
Case, Ford, New Holland Agricultural & Industrial Equipment

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Replaces these part numbers:
ARROWHEAD (OEM)IMI216-001, L26925155A, MS346
CARGO110462, 111499
FORDC6NF-11000-A, C7NN-11000-A, C7NN-11000-B, D0NN-11000-A, D0NN-11000-B, D4NN-11000-B, D8NN-11000-CA
J & N410-30044
LESTER (OLD)16605, 16663
LUCAS26211A/L, 26211M/T, 26211U, 26291A, 26291D, 26338A, 26338B, 26338D, 26338F, 26339A, 26339B, 26339D, 26339K, 26379, 26379A, 26379F, 26379H, 26395, 26395A, 26395D, 26395E, 26395H

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